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Louis DE REDON CV (PDF, 99 Ko) is an agronomic engineer from Paris Institute of Technology - AgroParisTech (2005) and Ph.D. in Biology, specialized in Ecology, from the French National Museum of Natural History (2008). His scientific work mainly focused on the issues of biodiversity conservation considering evaluation methods and compensatory measures in the field of ecological engineering.

Convinced of the necessity to develop interdisciplinary research for a global and effective approach for the protection of the environment, Louis DE REDON completed his scientific education with legal studies. After a Bachelor of Law from Paris II University Panthéon-Assas in 2006 (Licence), he turned toward Environmental Law for a better addition to his scientific background. He was awarded a Master of Environmental Law cum laude from Paris 1 University Panthéon-Sorbonne in 2008. He ended his formation with an American legal degree with an LL.M., specialization in Environmental Law, from the University of California at Berkeley - Boalt Hall School of Law – in 2010.

As legal sources and jurisdictions are numerous and diverse in the areas of expertise of the Law firm, the knowledge of national, international and European Laws, are determinants to the quality of the expertise we offer to our clients. This is why Louis DE REDON finally registered as attorney at Law in New York (USA) in 2013 before registering as a French lawyer in Blois in 2015 (France) in order to provide his expertise nationally and internationally.

Biotechnologies Law

The growth of new technologies for living being shall certainly be one of the 21st Century major evolutions. Regarding medicine of course, but also regarding animal and plant protection. Intellectual Property Law shall protect agricultural research, plant and animal production and green engineering more than ever. GMOs and innovative production processes are a significant part of corporates richness. It is then necessary to protect this property with important added value for agriculture as well as for food and/or pharmaceutical industry.

In order to protect this property, French Plant Protection Certificates (known as “COV”) and Patents are recommended as well as the use of trademarks.

Finally, clients may also protect traditional knowledge that are attached to local productions. The office can help them protecting their local richness by different approached as trademarks, registration of protected production areas (know as “AOC” or “IGP”) or quality/origin labelling.

Environmental Law

Environmental Law continues to develop and impact more and more fields through the need of sustainable development. It involves administrative law as well as civil and criminal law making it a very difficult and technical field of the Law.

Environmental Law is complicated and in permanent evolution. The office assists you in different fields of environmental law regarding pollutions, risks and nuisances (industrial plants, polluted soils, waste management, pesticides products, noise and nuisances), as well as natural heritage with, in particular, the protection of lands and species (Natural Parks, Natura 2000, Historical & Natural Monuments, Sensitive Natural Areas, etc.), hunting and fishing regulations, or management of water resources, environmental impact assessments, public participation and administrative authorizations.

Regarding Civil Law, as corporates environmental liability, we advise our clients to manage their environmental issues and we work on drafting environmental provisions within contracts for transfer of activities, merger-acquisition or subsidiarisation.

Finally, regarding Criminal Law, we assist our clients during the criminal transaction proceedings, alternative solutions to trial, as well as in American and French criminal Courts.

Forest Law

Forestry Law is also a specific and technical domain of the Law. A new French Forest Code has been published in 2012 with the objective to update and adapt forestry to contemporary challenges such as the fight against climate change, fire prevention, sustainable management and preservation of ecological services. Even so, this field of the Law remains fragmented and it remains difficult to consider it full extension.

Forestry Law has an effect on numerous other French codes such as the Environmental Code, the Agronomical Code and the Urban planning Code. Forest Code is transversal: taxation, property transfers, securities, property, urban planning and energies are different areas affected by it.

Agronomical Law

Agronomical Law remains an important and very specific field of the Law. We assist our clients in its different domains: landscape planning, land agricultural forestry and management, environmental norms and obligations, farming leases, exchanges and transfers lands, eminent domain, easements, farm lanes, veterinary public health and plant protection, sale of animals and animal products, animal protection, plant protection, agronomical products marketing and labeling, and use of GMOs and phytopharmaceutical products as biocides.

Health Law

Serious health crisis, such as the “mad cow” crises, the “asbestos” situation in constructions or “PIP breast implants” crisis have recently challenged the lawmaker. French public authorities have taken strong measures and are now highly intervening in the field of health safety in order to reduce the threat that some products or activities are making to public health. Obligations during production process have been strengthened, traceability at any step of the production has been reinforced and both civil and criminal liabilities have been extended.

Since 2013, whistleblowers have been granted a protection by the Law and their social role has been recognized to prevent, as much as possible, future breaches in the health and environmental protections. Considering the globalization of the production and international exchanges, we assist manufacturers, researchers, engineers, whistleblowers and administrations, for a better control of their safety liabilities.

Food and Feed Law

Food and Feed Law is little known but present in many components of our daily life. « From the Farm to the Fork » it is now necessary to inform both the administration and the consumer (labeling, traceability, etc.)

Food and Feed Law guarantees nutritional quality and health safety of our food as well as the alimentation of our animals. It is a public health issue. We advise food and feed specialists on their legal obligations relating to the marketing of their food products. We control labels, tags and advertising as well as nutritional or health claims appearing on the products for both human and animal consumption. We also help our client in the determination of the nature of their products to identify the legal obligations linked to their use and/or marketing: Food v. Drug, Enzyme v. Additive, GMOs v. Natural, etc. We provide legal information on different food and feed sectors currently developing such as “Organic”, “Fair Trade” or “GMO-free”.

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