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Agronomical Law

Agronomical Law remains an important and very specific field of the Law. We assist our clients in its different domains: landscape planning, land agricultural forestry and management, environmental norms and obligations, farming leases, exchanges and transfers lands, eminent domain, easements, farm lanes, veterinary public health and plant protection, sale of animals and animal products, animal protection, plant protection, agronomical products marketing and labeling, and use of GMOs and phytopharmaceutical products as biocides.

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La protection des sols et du foncier agricoles par le droit de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021, Les sols agricoles, ouvrage collectif, Ed. ISTE, in press ; Read more


Les alternatives au procès pénal en matière de protection de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021,  Revue Justice Actualités (RJA), Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature Read more

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