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Forestry Law is also a specific and technical domain of the Law. A new French Forest Code has been published in 2012 with the objective to update and adapt forestry to contemporary challenges such as the fight against climate change, fire prevention, sustainable management and preservation of ecological services. Even so, this field of the Law remains fragmented and it remains difficult to consider it full extension.

Forestry Law has an effect on numerous other French codes such as the Environmental Code, the Agronomical Code and the Urban planning Code. Forest Code is transversal: taxation, property transfers, securities, property, urban planning and energies are different areas affected by it.

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La protection des sols et du foncier agricoles par le droit de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021, Les sols agricoles, ouvrage collectif, Ed. ISTE, in press ; Read more


Les alternatives au procès pénal en matière de protection de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021,  Revue Justice Actualités (RJA), Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature Read more

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