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Food and Feed Law

Food and Feed Law is little known but present in many components of our daily life. « From the Farm to the Fork » it is now necessary to inform both the administration and the consumer (labeling, traceability, etc.)

Food and Feed Law guarantees nutritional quality and health safety of our food as well as the alimentation of our animals. It is a public health issue. We advise food and feed specialists on their legal obligations relating to the marketing of their food products. We control labels, tags and advertising as well as nutritional or health claims appearing on the products for both human and animal consumption. We also help our client in the determination of the nature of their products to identify the legal obligations linked to their use and/or marketing: Food v. Drug, Enzyme v. Additive, GMOs v. Natural, etc. We provide legal information on different food and feed sectors currently developing such as “Organic”, “Fair Trade” or “GMO-free”.

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La protection des sols et du foncier agricoles par le droit de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021, Les sols agricoles, ouvrage collectif, Ed. ISTE, in press ; Read more


Les alternatives au procès pénal en matière de protection de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021,  Revue Justice Actualités (RJA), Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature Read more

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