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Serious health crisis, such as the “mad cow” crises, the “asbestos” situation in constructions or “PIP breast implants” crisis have recently challenged the lawmaker. French public authorities have taken strong measures and are now highly intervening in the field of health safety in order to reduce the threat that some products or activities are making to public health. Obligations during production process have been strengthened, traceability at any step of the production has been reinforced and both civil and criminal liabilities have been extended.

Since 2013, whistleblowers have been granted a protection by the Law and their social role has been recognized to prevent, as much as possible, future breaches in the health and environmental protections. Considering the globalization of the production and international exchanges, we assist manufacturers, researchers, engineers, whistleblowers and administrations, for a better control of their safety liabilities.

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La protection des sols et du foncier agricoles par le droit de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021, Les sols agricoles, ouvrage collectif, Ed. ISTE, in press ; Read more


Les alternatives au procès pénal en matière de protection de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021,  Revue Justice Actualités (RJA), Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature Read more

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