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The office provides legal information in its areas of expertise. This information deals with legal issues with no important difficulty but that requires a specialized knowledge of a particular law. It is also a relevant service if last bibliographical and legal sources have to be considered on the matter. This is an easy and quick service: written (fax or e- mail) or oral (phone or meeting).


A consultation constitutes an important legal service. It is performed by the office on a difficult or / and important legal question and after quotation. Issued by a Professor of Environmental Law (Maître de conferences), researcher at the Sorbonne Center for Legal Research (I.R.J.S.), it provides an advanced work on a complex or new legal issue. The consultation suggests legal solutions to the problems set and assesses the margins for uncertainty and legal risks. Attorneys, judges and administration usually take a legal consultation seriously into account when an academic prepares it. Consultation is an efficient means of prevention of litigation and its also reduces legal risks.


A legal advice is a recommendation issued by the office considering the Law or any procedural issues. It may be provided after issuing a legal information or consultation. A legal advice is an opinion from a Law expert to help the client in his decision making process. It is formal and written.


The aim is to avoid proceedings and litigations through the interest-based negotiation method. The attorney may be a negotiator between the parties and he can identify a consensual solution to terminate a dispute outside Courts. The aim of a negotiation is to identify an acceptable settlement for all parties. It is a time and money saving method and it reduces litigation risks.


We draft contracts for our customers. In particular, we offer our knowledge on environmental provisions of any contracts. Those kinds of provisions are now very important, even necessary, regarding environmental obligations that are continuing to grow. Indeed, environmental liability is more and more required in business, industrial or urban planning law. It is therefore necessary to organize and limit this environmental liability in order to anticipate possible litigations.


Attorney at Law in New York (USA) and Blois (France), Louis DE REDON may assist you in any New York or French Courts in the fields of criminal, civil or / and administrative litigations. The office prepares legal instruments necessary to proceedings and ensures the defense of your interests. Thanks to his international education and teachings, Louis DE REDON has a strong network of colleagues, attorneys and Law professors, able to assist you in courts situated in other American and European States as elsewhere (Asia, South America and Africa).


We offer our services as arbitrator since Courts are very busy and judgments often take too long. Arbitration is a “private” procedure that has developed strongly in both USA and France to minimize litigations periods and legal uncertainty. It is an alternative way of settling legal disputes through an arbitral court composed of one or more arbitrator(s). The arbitrator is therefore a “private” judge chosen and accepted by both parties. His decision is binding and enables to solve the legal issue more quickly than a Court. Arbitrators are often known and independent lawyers such as academic experts or law professors.


The French executive Law ("ordonnance"), n°2012-34 and the Decree n°2014-368 extended criminal transaction proceedings to all environmental crimes and misdemeanors. Therefore, after an environmental Law breach, the French admnistration, represented by the “Préfet”, has the possibility to propose a transaction to the person or the corporate identified as the author of crime. A ticket has to be negociated and, if both the Préfet and the author find an agreement, then the Prosecutor can acknowledge the transaction and all criminal charges are consequently dropped. The payment of the ticket ends the public action and do not constitute a recognition of guiltiness. The crime cannot be registered on any records including police ones. During all the transactional proceeding the author may be assisted by an attorney. For this purpose, the office offers its expertise to enable a fair and professional negotiation and arrange the best transaction for our client.


Each month, the office produces a newsletter to inform our clients about the evolution of French environmental Law. This newsletter is adapted and personalized to their special needs considering their activities and priorities. It provides fresh information on French environmental law and jurisprudence for a better legal protection.


La protection des sols et du foncier agricoles par le droit de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021, Les sols agricoles, ouvrage collectif, Ed. ISTE, in press ; Read more


Les alternatives au procès pénal en matière de protection de l’environnement

L. de Redon, 2021,  Revue Justice Actualités (RJA), Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature Read more

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